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Court Reporting / Legal Video

Premier Provider of Nationwide Court Reporting and Legal Video Products.

Hearings / Arbitrations

Providing Former Official Court Reporters for All Hearings, Arbitrations and Court Appearances. 

Interpreters / Transcriptions

Providing Certified Deposition Interpreters Nationwide, as well as Transcription of Audio, Video, Documents, Hearings and Meetings.

Our Company

National Deposition and Legal Video Coverage In Every Major U.S. Market

With only the highest-quality court reporters having attained special RPR, CRR, RMR and/or RMR certifications, and the most professional legal videographers having attained CLVS status, we are uniquely poised to help you powerfully present your case. 

Cutting-Edge Legal Technology

From instant realtime display to live deposition streaming technology, we offer every major platform of legal technology, customized specifically to the needs of your firm.

We Consistently Outperform National Agencies Every Time

You need a consistent deposition and legal video provider nationwide. One that you can call or email and get an immediate response. Let us earn your trust. We work harder and outperform the national agencies every time. 

Court Reporting & Legal Video

Nationwide Conference Rooms

With a true national presence, Maverick Reporting can provide national logistics in any market in the country, free of charge.

Specialized Court Reporters

Our highly specialized court reporters have achieved levels of excellence in their field, as recognized by their CRR, RPR, RMR and RDR designations from the NCRA.

Fast Transcript Turnaround

With one of the fastest turnaround times in the country, Maverick Reporting will email your transcript within 8-10 days with a hard copy to follow in 10-12 days, standard.

Rough Drafts from Depositions

Stop waiting! Our highly specialized court reporters provide clean, accurate rough drafts immediately following your deposition within 4 hours.

Interactive Realtime Reporting

View testimony word-for-word as the witness is speaking using our powerful realtime reporting feature. For a minimal fee, track every question and every response.

Local Bay Area Production

We produce every transcript, exhibit and video in-house in our facilities in Northern California. Local production equals faster turnaround and stronger service.

Attend Depositions Remotely

Introducing Remote Deposition Streaming: a user-friendly, inexpensive technology offered by Maverick Reporting. See, hear and interact with everyone like you are in the room.

Attend live depositions remotely- across the country- simply from a laptop and a browser. One powerful product with simple execution.

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