The Alternative to Big Box Court Reporting Agencies

The Big Box Agencies have been handling your litigation for years because of their nationwide presence and their "handle-everything-here" business model. However, by utilizing innovative court reporting technology, working directly with reporters for fair rates and pushing production into the electronic era, Maverick Reporting has pioneered a powerful court reporting product that will render the Big Box Companies obsolete.

You're here because you're looking for an alternative, right? Maverick Reporting is paving the way for the future of the court reporting industry. Become an early adopter now and discover what you've been missing. 

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You Only Have One Chance With A Deposition

Maverick Reporting: What We Do

Court Reporting Services - Nationwide


Driven by technology, powered by the best court reporters in the business. Discover why we do depositions better.

Federal E-Filing Experts


Click Here for the most comprehensive database of Federal E-Filing tips, tricks and information in the four California District Courts.

Legal Education - Training, CLE


From one hour MCLEs related to Federal E-Filing to Anatomy of A Deposition seminars, book us today for your next firm meeting/training.

We Support Reporters & Their Choice To Go By Code in California. #StoptheSoCalStip!