You Only Have One Chance With A Deposition

There are many places to save money and to cut corners in litigation, but court reporting is not one of them. There are no edits, rewrites or do-overs with depositions; everything has to be seamless, every time. We are specialists that deliver a high-end product that creates impact for your case. We work harder and for longer hours than the big-name companies, and we focus on delivering a better experience every step of the way.

You've worked with all of the big-name companies; give us an opportunity to prove to you why we're better. If we can't change your mind, there's absolutely no obligation to continue working with us.

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Court Reporting Infused With Technology

Electronic Document Delivery


We provide a fully electronic deliverable by email with transcripts and exhibits produced in every major format. No more scanning, uploading or searching for documents.

Powerful Synchronized Video


There's nothing that creates impact like synchronized video clips at trial. We only use CLVS and highly experienced, certified videographers for all of your depositions.

Realtime Transcript Display


All of our realtime court reporters are experts in providing a live visual feed of the transcript as it is being typed. Follow the live flow of your deposition with realtime technology.

Faster Delivery Times


Because of our fully electronic deliverable, we provide our transcripts and exhibits in 8-10 business days, an average of 2-5 days faster than the big-name national agencies.

200+ Conference Rooms


We have specially negotiated rates with conference room facilities and hotel chains nationwide. Access our network of over 200+ locations nationwide for your depositions.

Five-Star, Live Customer Service 24/7


Reach a live person- not a machine- after hours and on weekends. We provide live customer service 24/7 because we understand legal work doesn't always happen within business hours.

Why We Bring More Benefit

8 -10 Day Transcript Delivery


Nobody in the industry delivers work product faster. Never wait for important transcripts and exhibits again.

Technology That Fits Your Firm


You work on an electronic platform to manage your daily workflows; we integrate directly into your normal routine.

The Best 5-Star Customer Service


You always have access by email, text or phone to a live customer service agent after hours and on weekends.